Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

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Brazilian bikini bottoms never seem to go out of style.  Each season, they remain one of the most popular cuts seen on the beach.  For decades now, women have been baring their cheeks in these sexy bottoms, and the style shows no signs of slowing down.  In fact, new variations of the Brazilian cut seem to emerge each year.  With so many women seeking the sleek, Brazilian bikini look, it is only natural for designers to want to sell their own take on the style.  Even still, the classic Brazilian backed bikini bottom is quickly becoming a timeless look carried through year after year.

Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

Brazilian bikini bottoms are characterized by the high sides and the V-shaped back that narrows from top to bottom.  The outer third to two-thirds of the cheeks are left exposed.  This attribute coupled with the high sides makes this revealing cut perfect for tanning.  The full coverage front means that not all coverage is sacrificed.  The Brazilian style is perfect for women who want to show extra skin without having to bare-all in a skimpy g-string thong.  As bikini bottoms go, the Brazilian cut is considered middle-of-the-road from a coverage standpoint.

Another great thing about Brazilian bikini bottoms is that they can be worn with nearly any bikini top.  It is usually seen most often with a triangle cut top, but there are other styles that work just as well with this sexy bottom.  A bandeau top paired up with a Brazilian bottom creates a feminine look that works well if you’re someone who wants to cut down on tan lines.  Along the same lines, a butterfly top can offer a couple of options, too.  They’re versatile enough to be worn strapless, or tied around the neck and back for a more classic look.

Brazilian bikini bottoms definitely won’t go out of style anytime soon, so why not mix and match them with a few different tops to give you plenty of swimwear styles from which to choose this summer?